The Complete Newbies Guide To
Buying & Selling Ebooks On Ebay
& The World Wide Web



Chapter One – Ebooks

What Are Ebooks?

The Formats Available
Why Are They Popular?
Resell Rights And The Difference Between Them
Why Sell Ebooks
How To Write An Ebook
How To Price Your Ebooks
Steps To Publishing Success
How To Use Ebooks For Marketing & Promotion

Chapter Two – Tools Of The Trade

Ebay & Ebay Shops
Your Ebay ‘About Me’ Page
Ebay Pulse
Ebay Reviews & Guides
Email Program
HTML Editor
Zip File Creator
Email Autoresponder

Chapter Three – Who, What, Why, Where And How!

Ebay Categories
Best Times To List
Email Templates
Listing Templates
Listing Titles
Featured & Dutch AuctionsEbay Shops
l Keywords
l Promotion Boxes
l Custom Pages
l Cross Promotions
l Listing Header
l Listing Feeds

Chapter Four – Feedback Is Your Ebay Lifeblood!

Is It So Important?
Negative Feedback – What Should You Do?

Chapter Five – Automating Your Ebook Delivery

Outlook Express
DL Guard
Other Options

Chapter Six – Getting Visitors & Buyers

Email Signatures
Joint Ventures
Your Own Ebooks
Public DomainListing Tips
l Backgrounds
l Multiple Images
l Payment Options
l Links
l Titles
l Readability
l Testing
l Competitor Analysis

Chapter Seven – Keeping Records

Email Folders
Sales Templates
Backing Up
Ebay Glossary
Resources & Links
Resources and links
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