It’s a fact!  Internet Marketers ARE using “dirty tricks”.  (Although many of them won’t admit to the fact.)

Still, it’s the truth! Some of them may not even realize they’re using them. But some of them DO know. And it’s the smart ones who are raking in the cash daily. . .

What is a “dirty trick”?

Well, that’s easy. It is a crafty strategy used by people everyday to get a desired reaction out of another person. Or at least that’s my take on them.

When you think of these words, you may think “rip-off”, “unethical”, or “illegal”.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. The tactics explored in this report are NOT illegal. They are NOT unethical. They are NOT designed to rip people off.

  •   Discover The Trick You Can Use To Get People Who Actually Hate You To Buy Your Products!
  •   How Your Biggest Ever Mistake Can Generate More Sales Than Ever!  (The bigger the goof the better.)
  •   The Secret To Turning A Basic Human Response To Your Favour For Increased Profits.
  •   Junk The Idea Of Providing Good Customer Service!  You’ll discover how a “Don’t Give A Damn” Attitude Can Get You MORE Orders !!
  •   What (Normally Vital) Piece Of Information You Should Actually Leave Off Your Sales Page That Can Get Your Order Now Button Clicked MORE!
  •   The Dirty Trick You Should Be Using On Everything You Sell.  You Are Losing Sales By Ignoring This POWERFUL Strategy.
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